The main service of the "ELINGZO D.O.O." company is designing and installing electrical wiring systems for large and small currents in residential properties, office buildings and industrial properties. Additionally, the company does measurement and testing of electrical installations and issues certificates (documents for the fulfillment of technical standards) for the conducted testing and measurement processes. Within the company, there is a sector in charge of supplying and selling of suspension and jointing equipment for transmission lines of all levels of voltage. The company ELINGZO D.O.O. is a general distributor of the products of CEMBRE and TESMEC companies for the areas of Serbia, Montenegro and the Republic of Srpska. There is more information about our company in the following lines.

The hydraulic press ETC 001/450

The hydraulic press ETC 001/450 is used for pressing all types of high-voltage overhead cables and cable lines of all cross-section sizes. This product was created as a result of perceiving the need for this type of product of a wide-range use on the tool market and a long-term cooperation between our company and renowned Italian companies CEMBRE S.p.A and TESMEC S.p.A.
The press consists of a high-quality hydraulic pump made by TESMEC S.p.A, a motor made by BRIGGS and STRATON, a hydraulic press-head with changeable dies for each cross-section size of cords/cables, made by CEMBRE S.p.A, and of other parts of domestic production.
This product is highly usable within electrical installation services and, in a short period, it has found its application in the services of many buyers on the markets of Serbia, former Yugoslavian republics and wider. Among the companies which use this product we would like to distinguish the following:

„KOLUBARA METAL“ - Vreoci, „ELNOS BL“ - Banja Luka,
„ENERGOMANAGMENT GROUP" – Beograd which, among other things, to operate the product in Nigeria, which has proven to be the most durable.

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