Elingzo d.o.o. is a general representative and importer for the areas of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and FYR Macedonia for the following products:

The equipment and machines for works on cable and overhead transmission lines of all levels of voltage, made by TESMEC S.p.A. The company TESMEC S.p.A with its main office in Grassobbio, was established in 1951, and even today, it is a leading worldwide producer for this type of equipment which is used in almost every country in the world.

Cable tools and accessories of the company CEMBRE S.p.A. The company CEMBRE S.p.A., with its main office in Brescia, was established in 1969, and even today, it is a leading Italian and one of the biggest European producers of cable tools and accessories. Their products are of very high quality.

Protective gear, grounding conductors and indicators of all levels of voltage, made by WORK ITALIA S.R.L. The company WORK ITALIA, with its main office in Settimo Milanese, was established in 1986, and it engages in researching, developing, producing and selling products from the areas of protection and safety from the risks of electric shocks.

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